Biography of Lico

Lico (Li Kehua) is a Chinese contemporary dancer born in 1993. She graduated from Minzu University of China, majoring in Chinese folk dance performance.

After graduation, she has worked as a full-time contemporary dancer in BeijingDance/LDTX company for 6 years. During the period, she starred in 30 performances with different artists and choreographed 5 works. She became one of the most acclaimed Chinese contemporary dancers. She has performed many times on the biggest stages in China, including several times at the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing. Her style is characterized by exceptional flexibility, continuous movement, great expressivity, sensitivity and encompasses a great variety of influences from different cultures and dance styles.

Later, as a freelancer, Lico began to travel the world alone. She has participated in many cross-field international cooperation projects and actively promoted cultural exchanges between East and the West. Lico enjoys working with artists from other disciplines: photography, videography, art installations, painting, sclupture, music, digital art and new media. Some of her videos have gone viral on social networks such as "Instinct", a dance improvisation on a music by Steve Reich, and "Fascia" a cooperation with digital artist Tobias Gremmler.

Cooperation with other artists

Lico cooperated with the following artists: James Thierreé, Faroop Chaudhry, Tobias Gremmler, Anne Tournié, Jacob Jonas, Karina Shigla-Bobinskin, Alexandre Dai Castaing, Kuniyoshi Yamada, Gabriel Schmitz (non exhaustive list).

She also learned about ballet, butoh, tai chi, yoga, European Dance Theater and Israel gaga dance.


Visual creative project shooting in Munich, Germany, co-artist: (Germany)Tobias Gremmler.

Electronic Music Dance MV, Florence, Italy, with co-artist: (Romania & Italy) Alina Kalancea.

Dutch creative photography, co-artist: (Iran & Netherlands) Rahi Rezvani.

Short film shooting of French creative dance, co-artist: (China & France) Laurent Hou.

Workshop and live performance in Barcelo, Spain, with co-artists: (Japan & Germany) Motoya Kondo, (Germany) Gabriel Schmitz.

Workshop in Berlin, Germany, collaborate organization: Dock11.

Workshop in Prague, Czechoslovak, collaborate organization: Druna.


Choreographer, guest actor and dancer for the large-scale ancient costume film "The Dunhuang Heroes" by director Cao Dun and screenwriter Ma Boyong .

Choreographer and dancer for "Whiring Desert", at the 9th Akropoditi Dance Festival on the Greek Island Syros.

Choreographer for Xiexin Dance Theater, commissioned by Shanghai International Dance Center Theater, with the project"Four Phases" - "Red Shift · Forgetting Curve".

Invited artists of "Changsha Mid mountain Dancer Art Week", performing works "Red Shift · Forgetting Curve". 

Instructor of Xiexin Dance Theater - online training camp for artists. 

Instructor of Xiexin Dance Theater - October National Day offline training camp.

Invited choreographer and dancer for Yang Liping dance video, "Dianhai Song" broadcasted on Chinese national television CCTV1.

First dancer in traditional Chinese dance drama "The River" which was shortlisted for the "13th China Lotus Dance Award" and was performed in Shanghai International Dance Center.

Instructor of Beijing "No More Plays" Dance Research Institute, modern dance workshop of "Body Building" in summer. 

Instructor of Beijing "No More Plays" Dance Research Institute, modern dance workshop of " collective exultation " in winter.


Dancer in "正念NOW", directed by Robin Mahieux for Films. Dance- global platform for dance.

Dancer in "Best Before" directed by Li Chao. Performance in Shanghai International Dance Center.

Instructor of Shanghai "D.LAB" Modern Dance Workshop.

Instructor of "Changsha Mid mountain Dancer Art Week".

Dancer for "Mushroom" directed by Ai Kuo, a live environmental art work, performed in Tangshan, China.

Dance Instructor at The annual assessment of Inner Mongolia Song and Dance.

First dancer in Chinese traditional dance drama "The River", with performances in 25 cities.

Personal art works "Flower with Hua" with exhibition and performance at Beijing U Art Museum.

Long-term collaboration with Japanese percussion musician Kuniyoshi Yamada. More than 150 short videos broadcasted on social networks.


First female dancer in "The Little Prince",with performances in France (including Folies Bergère) and Dubai, produced by SOKOL Entertainment.

Choreographer and dancer for "Butterfly Lovers",directed by Farooq Chaudhry,with visual artistTobias Gremmler.

Choreographer and Dancer for a performance with the art installation "ADA", by German Artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski at OMM Art Museum in Turkey.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "Whirling Desert", with Greek musician Iasonas Psarakis.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "Impedance" with German electronic musician Alina Kalancea.


Workshops with La Compagnie du Hanneton - James Thierrée.

Choreographer and dancer for "Tomb" ,in collaboration with French composer Anthony Rouchier Akappart,with a performance at Tianqiao Art Center in China.

Choreographer and dancer for "Kenichi &The sun", in collaboration with choreographer and butoh dancer Motoya Kondo and with German musician Katrin Hahner.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "The tear is dancing" with Vietnamese French musician Alexandre Dai Castaing.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "Undiú" by Mexican musician Magos Herera.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "Selfless Selfies" with Turkish musician Avin Erbey.

Choreographer and dancer for the video "Carpe Diem" with Israeli photographer Shimon Bokshtein.

Workshop with Israel Kibbutz Dance company.

Workshop with Israel GAGA summer.

Workshop with All Dance international, USA.


Dancer for "MaiOui" by Dai Jian, with performance at the  National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing (NCPA).

First dancer for "Yao" by Zhou Liya, with performance at Shanghai International Dance Center. 

First dancer for "Continuation" by Yan He,with performance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in 

Beijing (NCPA), a work inspired by Cao Xueqin "Dream of Red Mansion".

Dancer in "Earthquake" by Yang Wei,cooperation with BeijingDance/LDTX Company,premiere in PLA Theater in Beijing.

Choreographer for "Give You Some Color See See",with a performance at Tianqiao Art Center in Beijing. 

First dancer in "Nine Deaths /The Long March" by Ma Bo and Li Hanzhong,premiere at Tianqiao Art Center in Beijing.

Choreographer for "Most Beautiful Garden" with Shigatse Song and Dance Troupe in Tibet.

First dancer for "A Song in Desert" by Chen Eryong,with performance in Inner Mongolia Ordos Theater.

Dancer for  Awareness",by Laba Zhaxi, with performance at Penghao Theatre in Beijing.

Choreographer for "Empty Chamber", with performance at BeijingDance/LDTX Theater.

Choreographer for"Waiting", with performance at BeijingDance/LDTX Theater.

Choreographer for"Mutual", with performance at BeijingDance/LDTX Theater.

Choreographer for "The Most Beautiful Manor" by Laba Zhaxi,with performance in Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Dancer for "Shambhala" byTibetan Artist Wanma Jiancuo.The performance had a tour in the USA.

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